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    Couples Counseling

    Working with couples is a significant focus of my practice.  My Couples Therapy work is drawn extensively from what is known as the Developmental Mode.  I completed training in the model through the Couples Institute, founded by Dr.’s Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson.  The model incorporates both Differentiation Theory, Attachment Theory and the latest research in neuroscience.

    The  central principle is to nurture the growth and “differentiation” of each partner, and to put focus on strengthening each partners capacity to tolerate and negotiate differences. 

    I enjoy working with couples at all stages of their relationship: counseling can be helpful to couples before marriage or a long-term commitment or after they’ve been together for decades.  

    There are different reasons why couples reach out for help:

     Some issues that bring couples to therapy are:

    • to improve their current relationship and build something together that is grounded in change, growth and development;
    • to get help in making a major life decision, such as, “Should we get married or not?” “Should we stay together or separate?” “How do we continue if one of us wants a child and the other doesn’t?”
    • to dissolve the relationship – to say goodbye to one another – to go through a divorce or separation – to learn to co-parent children and resolve resentments so they do not carry over into their future relationships