• The best psychotherapy is part capacity building, part sanctuary.


    You probably found your way to my site because you or your relationship are in some sort of distress. You instinctively know that right now it would he helpful to have some support, or maybe even a life line. That’s where I come in. I am in the business of offering support and life lines.

    The best therapy is a combination of a gym, where you build capacity, and a sanctuary, where you can totally relax and just soak in the healing vibes.

    In order to be healthy individually or as a couple, all of us need a combination of going to the “gym” (the place we solve problems, work on our issues, build emotional muscle) and a place of sanctuary (a safe place, a refuge.)

    I individually tailor treatment for each client or couple based on your particular needs and strengths.  

    In order to have the courage to overcome our challenges, we need at least one connection that we can count on, one trusted ally to see us through to the other side.

    I’m skilled in meeting you where you are and combining fierce nurturing with the capacity to remain steadfast in holding out hope for the longer-term goals of therapy. I have the tools and experience to help get you back on course so you can more fully show up for this one life you’ve been given.

    The time is NOW … don’t let another month, another year slip by where you have the desire to feel happier, the wish to have more confidence, the longing to have more peace . . . and yet get stuck in the same old self-defeating patterns.

    Here’s the thing. chronic, habitual patterns are deeply ingrained and we can’t think our way out of them. They are a product of our formative relationships. And to heal them, we need a relational approach, an embodied approach.

    Let’s get to work on creating the best version of yourself.

    Let's set up a 20 minute free consult to see if we are a good fit!

    About Cheryl

    My life-long interest in better understanding the complexities of being human inspired my career choice as a therapist.  Working as a clinician has given me the privilege of knowing people very deeply; in my over twenty years of experience I’ve refined the art and craft of my trade and have become fluent in the ways of healing and transformation.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a graduate of Smith College of Social Work, highly regarded for its clinical training program. My Masters degree was followed by a two year post-graduate fellowship in College Mental Health at Yale University. To keep up with the most cutting-edge ideas in the field, I participate in ongoing clinical study and training.